Cool Tool: An Autofeeding Screwdriver

Working on an assembly line where you’re repetitively driving fasteners looks grueling, but at least there’s a tool that makes it a bit easier: These auto-feeding screwdriver rigs, from German manufacturer Weber.

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Here’s how it works, with both video and a description from the company:

“First, the first screw is blown through the swivel arm into the pawls of the screw head. The feed channel and pawl set are individually tailored to the screw dimensions. The screwdriver is already in front of the product. The screwdriver moves in the direction of the screw and moves the swivel arm to the side. While the screwdriver is screwing in the connecting element, the next screw can be shot into the swivel arm in the parked position. It is therefore ready for the next cycle. After the screwing is complete, the screwdriver moves back and releases the swivel arm.”

Source: core77

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