Core77 Design Awards trophies – production and shipping

We’re happy to report that we’re wrapping up the shipments of the 2021 Core77 Design Awards trophies to all our winning entries this week. The production and fulfillment process has many steps, so it is important for us to work with partners who we trust will deliver a world class product along with an eye for precision and perfection. That’s why we are thrilled to once again work with the experts at 3ERP as our fabricator of choice.

Our Core77 Design Awards trophies are more than a decorative emblem of each winner’s success. To reflect the multitude of people involved in shaping winning designs, the we crafted the trophy as a tool for recognition, both symbolically and literally. As a functional mold, the trophy can be used to manufacture additional casts, allowing each member of the team to be individually honored for their contribution.

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Here’s a video and a few photos of the production process, as well as photos of the finished product for your enjoyment:

3ERP is a perfect match for our awards not only for their high-quality fabrications, but also their ability to manufacture in low volumes. Their fabrication team happily takes on our batch of 39 individually customized trophies and delivers with an extra-high quality finish. This year’s aluminum trophies were produced using precision CNC milling combined with careful hand finishing for a beautiful result.

And turnaround is fast—after files are delivered, it simply takes a matter of a few weeks for a digital file to transform into a high-quality product shipped out to our awards winners. So cheers to another fantastic year of the Core77 Design Awards, and all of our partners like 3ERP that make celebrating designers’ hard work possible.

Source: core77

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