Core77 Weekly Roundup (1/17/23 – 1/20/23)

Here’s a roundup of what we covered this week (a truncated one, due to the holiday):

Japanese overdesign makes for a great exterior trash can, as evinced by these three design features that demonstrate sweating the UX details.

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Startup Brelyon makes this bizarre, immersive curved monitor you sit in the middle of. It’s supposed to be like VR goggles, without the goggles.

Knife designer Joe Caswell redesigned a traditional farming knife to better serve EMTs working in close quarters.

Industrial object porn: Auer Packaging makes these gigantic collapsible industrial storage carts.

From Finland, the Muurikka Pan is basically a barbecue grill without the grill.

This unusual measuring cup, designed for precise dosing, features three thoughtful design details.

Hypercar company McLaren moves into footwear design. These kicks ain’t cheap.

Matador’s FlatPak Toiletry Bottles, for when every cubic inch in your luggage counts.

This food storage container features a built-in date-of-storage indicator.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Stationery company Yamato makes unlimited-length sticky notes that come on a roll-style dispenser.

People known as tetrachromats are born with different retinas that enable them to see way more colors than the rest of us do.

Image: Alexander Grey

Dyson’s impressive Lightcycle Morph lamp provides four intelligent design features, and a fifth that drives the price too high.

Industrial designers Birkan Gülöz and Jonas Nussbaum created a simple, minimal, trestle-based desk/table system called Parat.

Japan has hidden, often complicated alternatives to fire escapes for apartment buildings.

Danish/Japanese brand Vilhelm Hertz creates bespoke handmade crutches with the care of heirloom furniture pieces.

Boston Dynamics’ upgraded Atlas robot now moves like a videogame character.

Source: core77

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