Core77 Weekly Roundup (3-4-24 to 3-8-24)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

This fun Grain Weevil robot is like an RC Car with augers for wheels. It frees farmers from having to do dangerous work inside grain silos.

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SiloStay: Ex-grain-silo living quarters in New Zealand, designed by architecture firm F3 Design.

The Haloasis is a bluetooth speaker with a cylindrical spinning LED display.

Fashion designer Emma Bruschi uses a special straw splitting tool to create her stunning accessories.

Festool’s ExoActive exoskeleton runs on 18V cordless batteries and lightens loads for workers.

The Peace Outdoor Lounge Chair: A “brutal & sophisticated,” Finnish-British take on the Adirondack chair.

Some stunning lighting designs by Austrian designer Laurids Gallée.

A simple, elegant design for knockdown trestles, by design/build firm Perron et Freres.

Braun has released a new wristwatch, inspired by their classic AW10 and AW50, in collaboration with Hodinkee.

The Heroclip is a carabiner with a swing-out hook and a pivot.

Rimowa’s Pilot Case is an attractive, if oddly-shaped, piece of luggage. Maybe you get it on board, maybe you don’t.

Is this what it looks like, inside a gargoyle? In Switzerland, at least?

With the Aerohead II, industrial designer Ash Lewin—who works for Giro Sport Design—got to realize his dream for the fastest bike helmet ever.

The Thuraya Skyphone can switch from GSM to satellite, thanks to its chunky pull-out antenna.

The Dutch Drone Gods & Red Bull have created a revolutionary, ultra-fast filming drone. It will change how Formula 1 is viewed.

Specific designer unknown, sadly. These sleek, adjustable, wall-mounted Vision SW bedside reading lamps are by DCWéditions.

Samsung shows off multiple strange, morphing screen product concepts.

This attractive, form-follows-function Photographer’s Tool is by Spinn Design.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

An anti-gravity treadmill(!), by industrial design firm Mighty Studios.

Source: core77

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