Core77 Weekly Roundup (4-15-24 to 4-19-24)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

Startup Humane has debuted their Ai Pin, to damning reviews. The UI/UX design is just insane.

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Form follows function: NASA’s zero-gravity drinking cup, prototyped in space.

Some wonderful scans from “The Function of Colour in Factories Schools & Hospitals,” a British book published in 1930.

DeWalt’s Carbon Fiber Staple Gun weighs 50% less and can take a beating.

Whole lotta welding going on with architect/furniture designer Leif Jørgensen’s LJ Spider Chair.

Form follows function: This no-tools-required hanging hook from the early 1900s.

The PSF1 is a stylish folding e-bike by Taiwanese manufacturer BESV.

Here’s a bit of weirdness: A Japanese automotive supplier has successfully Kickstarted a titanium cutting board.

There are some unusual design details in this Hans J. Wegner sewing table.

Nendo’s mesmerizing ’50 Manga Chairs’ animation, inspired by the visual representation of kinetic energy.

Porch piracy deterrent: A security camera that fires paintballs and tear gas. What could go wrong?

This one-legged desk design, from 1970s France, would make sense for a resource-poor environment.

From the “Walking Sticks & Canes” exhibit at the Triennale Milano, here are four experimental walking stick designs that seek to increase functionality.

Wera’s Screw Gripper holds non-magnetic screws on the tip of your driver.

This Lee Bench, by experimental designer Marco Campardo, is a Nakashima-inspired walnut bench with unusual details.

Cloche, by industrial designer Guillaume Bloget, is a low-tech, designey food smoker.

Surprisingly this Tove Lounge Chair, a beautiful Mid-Century design by Madsen and Schübell, features a sprung reclining mechanism.

Boston Dynamics unveiled their new Atlas robot, which features some pretty inhuman movement capabilities.

Packaging design case study: Zenpack’s sustainable solution for coffee pods.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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