Core77 Weekly Roundup (4-22-24 to 4-26-24)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

The strange story of how lefty abuse led to the formation of a successful mid-century design duo.

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Microsoft’s new AI face animation technology turns a single snapshot into a convincing talking head. “Make anyone say anything.”

Outside-the-box thinking: The Seabike is an aquatic bicycle, without the bicycle.

Industrial Design student work: This M–W256 bag, done by Sven Abplanalp at ECAL, features androgynous clips.

Does anyone know who designed/built this chair?

Surprisingly, this bentwood chair actually folds.

“I got the psychological aspect of the product wrong,” said Italian industrial designer Bruno Munari, of his Cubo ashtray.

Image: Di Albertozanardo – CC BY-SA 4.0

The Harlow Chandelier, by Scott Richler: When an architect/jewelry designer designs lighting fixtures.

Artist/designer Oneseo Choi’s wildly successful “Pattern of Industry” series of furniture is made from aluminum extrusions.

Anonymous artist Muddycap has a deep portfolio of insane chair designs.

Here’s an assortment of stunning furniture designs by Australian designer Brodie Neill.

As wearable speaker designs continue to evolve, Sony decides, atypically for a tech object, to scale them up.

Japanese bamboo spice vessels, both traditional and modern.

Form follows function: Stange glasses for Kölsch beer, and their special tray for servers.

This GO, a die-cast aluminum streetlight, is by industrial designer Jörg Boner.

The corner detail on this Piloti Alu Table, by industrial designer Hugo Passos.

Max Space’s revolutionary inflatable space station design provides “more volume, less cost.”

This Grasp Lamp, by industrial designer Thomas Albertsen, has no wiring. Instead you pop in a rechargeable bulb.

Industrial design case study: Speck Design realizes a smarter medical drill.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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