Core77 Weekly Roundup (4-29-24 to 5-3-24)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

A good example of improving an existing product’s UX by listening to customers’ pain points: Star-M’s special Raceway Bit speeds installation times for electricians.

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Milwaukee’s alternative designs for vacuum-based drill dust shrouds.

Elements Eden pitches airline galley carts as objets d’esign.

This electric, off-road 2×2 Ultra Bike looks like something you unlock in an apocalyptic videogame.

Architect Gustav Düsing’s Chair23D is an actually good-looking CNC-cut flatpack chair.

From startup Astribot, stunning footage of their humanoid robot autonomously performing domestic tasks.

Vök, by industrial designer Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, are serving trays inspired by the Icelandic environment.

These elegant oil cruets are by industrial designer Corrado Dotti, for Ichendorf Milano.

Explainer for designers: The different types of galvanized steel.

Kebony: A sustainable softwood that’s been functionally transformed into a tropical hardwood.

The Corner bench, by industrial designer Lars Tornøe, is street furniture that makes use of existing infrastructure.

The Brico series of chairs, by furniture designer Martin Kechayas, are made of offcuts from other chairs.

Salt is an elegant portable LED lamp, meant to evoke different phases of sunlight.

From Standard Equipment, a club chair/loveseat/sofa seating system made of 5mm aluminum sheets.

By industrial designer Guillaume Bloget, an experimental woodworking joint: An alternating half-lap with through-tenons.

This extreme stainless steel clipboard for sketching, with built-in light, is by South Korean product designer SHFT.

In-car hydration and urination systems for race car drivers.

Useful, lowbrow furniture, always badly executed: The outdoor side table cooler.

Industrial design case study: A new form for the air conditioner, by Fresco Design.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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