Core77 Weekly Roundup (5-13-24 to 5-17-24)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

A man was ordered by the city to build a visual screen to conceal his boat. He complied.

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This incredible mobile bridge, designed and built in Switzerland, diverts traffic overhead during road repairs.

This TriqBriq production system turns otherwise unusable wood into Lego-like blocks for homebuilding.

Barebones’ Pivot Arc Lighter is an easy-to-carry folding lighter that extends reach.

This combination carabiner/rope tightener provides quick, convenient tie-down for smaller stuff.

An Alabama hairdresser invented what is now the best way to clean up oil spills: Use human hair.

An appealing transportation design concept: The Swift Pod autonomous sleeping mobile.

Strange, possibly effective? A battery-powered jacket-inflating personal cooling device.

Some were fooled by claims that Hasbro would unveil this G.I. Joe aircraft carrier bathtub at Comic-Con. (It’s AI-rendered.)

First developed in 1964, Snooper trucks are the specialty vehicles required for underbridge inspections. Their jobs are safe…for now.

Washington State’s Department of Transportation is pioneering the use of drones vs. high-up graffiti.

OpenAI posted some astonishing demos of their flagship AI, which can listen, speak, see, and more creepily emulate human tone.

Furniture with wood and stone joinery, by Maine-based designer Ethan Stebbins.

Richard Haining’s STACKED series of vessels are painstakingly made from wood offcuts, borrowing a ceramics technique.

This Wind bench, by Belgian designer Peter Donders, combines digital fabrication with hand craftsmanship.

Mechanical Engineering students at Johns Hopkins have invented a leaf blower silencer. Stanley Black & Decker will put it in production.

Outside-the-box thinking: Veteran tent designer Jake Lah’s Cot Tents.

Monocab: “Individual local public transport” pods that ride disused railway lines.

Industrial design case study: HS Design revamps Canfield Scientific’s Vectra portable imaging tool.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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