Core77 Weekly Roundup (5-22-23 to 5-26-23)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

Hand Tool Rescue uncovered a 110-year-old patent for a fractal chair. To find out if it was comfortable, he actually built one, sat in it, and assessed the design.

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Artist/quantum physicist Julian Voss-Andreae’s stunning sheet metal sculptures essentially disappear based on the viewing angle.

The forthcoming Spacetop is a laptop with no screen, just AR glasses that provide a huge virtual monitor.

This Post Lamp series with magnetically-rearrangeable LED heads was designed by Rachel Griffin for Scandinavian design brand Muuto.

Paris’ attractive Trilib recycling bins, by industrial designer Fabien Delwal, are produced by an automotive supplier.

The Apocalypse Super Truck features “medieval, barbaric design, that is impossible to ignore,” says the head designer.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The Minecraft-like Munro MK1, an electric SUV from Scotland, looks like they went from early CAD drawings straight to production.

Backers on Kickstarter have gone wild for the Virgo helmet, a $98 safer helmet for e-bikes.

A physicist and longtime bicycle commuter invented these foam-surrounded Bumper Pedals, which won’t bang your shins up.

BMW’s recently unveiled Concept Touring Coupé is pretty darn stunning.

Kraft Singles are difficult to unwrap, and the company feels that’s why Gen Z and Millennial shoppers don’t buy the stuff. A textured flap to the rescue?

The humanoid robot by startup Figure has an interesting UI design: A face you can read, literally.

This unusual steel Exxo chair, by furniture designer David Ericsson, may or may not be headed for production.

This eye-catching perfume bottle is by Industrial Design student Anders Flem, and the packaging is by fellow ID student Connor Moore.

Festool’s TSV 60 K circular saw has two blades. Up front there’s a separate diamond scoring blade, for splinter-free cuts.

Dyson’s new robot vac exemplifies why I think they have bad design.

We asked: What useful object could an industrial designer create that incorporates these rollable displays?

Cassina reverse-engineered and sells this Veliero, a bookcase designed and built in 1940 by architect Franco Albini for his home in Milan.

Industrial designer Søren Refsgaard’s modern, minimalist glass storage jars feature terracotta-colored silicone rings, as a callback to old-school canning jars.

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