Core77 Weekly Roundup (6-10-24 to 6-14-24)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

This creative take on tambour cabinets is by Jef and Jess Behnke, a/k/a Two Moose Design.

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Australian industrial design yields the vabsRider, a comfortable, articulating bicycle seat.

The Spacetop, a no-screen laptop, is now coming to market. Why won’t they show us what it looks like in the closed position?

The Trolltind Cabin in Norway, by architecture firm Rever & Drage, is one house built in four different construction styles.

Incredible, experimental ceramics work by Curt Hammerly.

Form follows function: Gokin tent pegs.

Fantastic Industrial Design student work: Kouéno, by Lucas Hosteing, are furniture pieces created from inexpensive, undesirable lumber.

The Odoru Table Circle is a nifty, tiny, portable camping table.

Potter Lucia Ocejo’s cleverly-designed kiln shed features siding that doubles as drying shelves.

Street furniture that emulates the stoop, by JDS Architects.

The Tulipan Pod, designed by Industrial Facility for +Halle, is a one-person workspace you can close for privacy.

Artist Piotr Wasniowski produces crazy textures by 3D printing clay with custom rotating nozzles.

The modular DarkFighter K9 Helmet for active-duty dogs.

A designey take on foosball, by art collective LAAB.

These beautiful blown glass Lokum side tables are by Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis.

This Rounded Edges Chair, made of three pieces of aluminum riveted together, is by industrial designer David Raymond.

This Flasher light fixture, by lighting designers Studio Élémentaires, is like a Modernist disco ball.

Retail design: Kooo Architects re-thinks how jewelry is displayed, to encourage casual browsing.

Industrial design case study: Sundberg-Ferar tackles a hybrid flying car project.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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