Core77 Weekly Roundup (6-17-24 to 6-21-24)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

The Ventete aH-1 is an inflatable, collapsible bike helmet.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Kinetic lighting: Studio Drift’s stunning Shylight installation, inspired by the way flowers close up at night.

This surprising FurnSpin cabinet mechanism is by Hettich.

From Japan, anti-dog-pee fencing made of bamboo.

The Maus Fire Suppressor: A designey, no-mess fire extinguisher from Sweden.

The Mobile-Plate, a wearable worksurface, is like a BabyBjörn for your laptop.

Modular adjustable storage furniture, 1960s Danish Modern style, by furniture designer Henning Kjærnulf.

The Lon:HUB, a desk-clinging power strip / charging station designed with UX in mind.

Jacques Monneraud’s cardboard-like ceramic products are a comment on overconsumption.

The new design features of a Starbucks cold cup improves UX for baristas.

Industrial Design case study: Pensa designs a building access video intercom system for ButterflyMX.

Source: core77

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