Core77 Weekly Roundup (6-19-23 to 6-23-23)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven concept is a striking design for the successor to the C 111.

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This gimmicky-looking, hyper-adjustable ergonomic chair is killing it on Kickstarter.

This cleverly-designed tool by Nissin Boeki is for resizing cardboard boxes. Here’s how it works.

This unusual object is a wall-mounted clothes valet, designed by architecture firm Tolila & Gilliland.

Researchers have developed a moustache-like odor generator for VR.

Harvey, by industrial designer Francesco Faccin, is a trestle design with built-in power sockets.

The handle is a small but thoughtful design detail in these Taxi chairs and stools.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Here’s a highly unusual design for a chair that incorporates a beanbag.

The Desiderata Pen Company, run by self-taught designer & machinist Pierre Miller, produces these stunning acrylic fountain pens.

This new “tape sandwich” injection molding trick cuts the need for support ribs, and produces strong but thin parts that cost less.

Italian startup Aehra has designed this crazy full-width pop-up screen for their forthcoming “ultra premium” SUV EV.

Designer George Barratt-Jones created the Cyclo Knitter, a cycle-powered scarf-making machine. Watch it in action.

The Sol Reader, a wearable e-reader, is like a pair of reading glasses with e-books inside the “lenses.”

For classic Braun Design, Das Programm and are fantastic online archives with gems like this Dieter-Rams-designed ice scraper.

This Kipp chair is by Yan Hug, a student at the Industrial Design program at Switzerland’s Contemporary Design Practices Institute, a/k/a HGK Basel. (Why there aren’t more images, I couldn’t tell you.)

Source: core77

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