Core77 Weekly Roundup (8-7-23 to 8-11-23)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

The Pender ebikelifter easily hoists heavy e-bikes up to your roof rack.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Here’s video of a gigantic 10,000-liter water tank being blow molded.

This beautiful Surf Bench is by New-York-based designer Carol Egan.

Fabrication firm Millimetre built these gigantic wooden Roker Pods, designed by an art collective as seaside community spaces.

A group of Chemistry students at the University of Copenhagen have figured out how to separate cotton and polyester from cotton-poly blended fabric. This is a big deal for fabric recycling.

Forgotten drawings by Hokusai were recently uncovered. Now modern-day woodblock print artists are creating woodblocks based on the drawings.

The VoiceBiz UC Display is a magic voice-translating window that can handle 12 languages. You can see it being used here at a Japanese train station.

Pelican, by ID student Or Reizberg, is an autonomous drone concept to provide lifeguarding assistance. It spots drowning persons, flies to them while notifying human rescuers, and drops a self-inflating flotation device.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The Bacchette chair, by design studio Mentsen, is an unusual take on the folding director’s chair.

Furniture design for subcultures: Here’s a dedicated Sneaker Cleaning Table.

These porcelain door handles were “semantically designed to be clear” on whether you push or pull.

These leather door handles, designed by Vico Magistretti in the ’90s, have received a recent Poltrona Frau refresh.

The Ograte is a kitchen grater with a circular design, for faster grating. The flat edge is used for scraping.

Ugly though it is, this easy-to-install Doorhickey provides a hands-free way to open/close sliding glass doors.

Industrial designer Bongkyu Song designed this in-car folding coat hanger for Hyundai.

Designer unknown. A space-saving dining table design that actually takes chair storage into account.

From Japan, hilarious ring-sized Casio watches. (They’re non-functioning gachapon toys.)

Porsche Design’s P’8951 sunglasses are freaking machined out of aluminum.

An industrial design case study: Design 1st’s drone recharging stations for SkyX.

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