Corrected ‘Mechanick Exercises’

First, we’re sorry for the mistakes. Second, we’re correcting them.

Readers have noticed that a handful of text pages are missing from our reprint of Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises” (not 288-307 between “Bricklayers Work” and “Mechanick Dyalling” – those are missing from all extant period copies we can find). So, we’re recycling the copies at the warehouse, and reprinting the entire book. When the new copies are in – it will take about 10 weeks – we’ll contact those who’ve already bought it, and send the new one (no need to return the old ones).

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And obviously, we’ve stopped selling the “bad” copies; we’ll put “Mechanick Exercises” back in the store when the new print run arrives.

– Fitz


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