Corvette C8 Design Flaw Leads to Ongoing "Cosmetic Damage"

Members of the C8 Corvette Owners Facebook group are reporting an unfortunate result of the design of the car’s fascia. Look at the lower front corners:

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Apparently, here’s what happens when road debris gets kicked up:

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Image source

The group’s members are opining that an aftermarket manufacturer will eventually develop a protective cover, but some are worried about reducing airflow to the radiator and A/C condensers.

Meanwhile, on the MidEngineCorvette forum, this guy came up with a DIY fix:

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“Just remove the shields below the radiators and slide the grills up into place. Zip tie in the corners using the very small size.”

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“The barcode is the Home Depot SKU.”

That product, by the way, is a mesh screen intended to keep leaves out of gutters.

Motor1, who uncovered the story, reached out to GM and reported the following: “GM confirmed to that the damage seen is cosmetic and it doesn’t degrade vehicle performance. However, no mention was made of adding screens and how that could impact airflow.”

Source: core77

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