‘Covidiot’ Politician Tries To Prove A Point By Saying That ‘Lions Don’t Wear Masks,’ Gets Shut Down With Hilarious Comments

The chances are, you haven’t heard of British politician David Kurten just yet. The leader of the Heritage Party, who’s an avid Twitter user, has previously said that “face masks have little to no effect” and that he “will not be taking an experimental Covid vaccine and I am not recommending it.” This time, he’s in with another questionable “eureka” tweet with a picture of a lion and a caption “Lions don’t wear masks.”

But as we already know very well, the internet can sometimes be a magic place and people are smart enough not to believe everything they see on there. But this time, though, Mr. Kurten has seriously struck a chord with many, and people just couldn’t help but roast his proud statement in a series of hilarious tweets.

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After all, when you really think of it, armadillos don’t exactly use microwaves and this is totally fine. But does it change anything about Covid-19? The question begs to be questioned.


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David Kurten, who is a British politician for the Heritage Party and a London Assembly member, has made headlines previously for sharing anti-Covid and anti-mask statements.

In July, he wrote on his Facebook page that “face masks have little to no effect” and encouraged people to “say no to the ‘new normal.’” Kurten also shared the hashtag #keepbritainfree which indicates support of the controversial Keep Britain Free movement that describes itself as “representing the millions of people who want to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own lives.”

In his latest tweet on Monday, Kurten made headlines again by claiming that he won’t be taking the “experimental Covid vaccine” and he doesn’t recommend it to others either. According to Evening Standard, it’s likely that David was referring to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, “which has been approved for use in countries including the UK and the US after regulators found it was 95 percent effective.”

Fellow London politicians have openly criticized Kurten for his “reckless” and “irresponsible” statements.


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