Cow Wins Horse Race

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The annual St. Teresa’s Charity Pantomime Horse Race pits teams of humans dressed as four-legged beasts against each other in a mercifully short race.

The St. Teresa’s Charity Pantomime Horse Race at the UK’s Catterick Racecourse raises funds for St. Teresa’s Hospice in Darlington. In its third annual running, the race welcomed four entrants: Heavy Brigade in the cow suit, racing for the Royal Dragoon Guards; Unicorn on the Cob in the unicorn suit, racing for marketing agency Purple Creative; #Professionals in the horse suit, a last-minute entry from Racing UK; and Wonky Donkey, racing for Lookers Volkswagen.

Spectators will be forgiven for thinking that drinking may have been involved. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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