Crane Operator Annoys Sunbather By Casting A Shadow On Him

Everyone’s looking for a way to entertain themselves during this pandemic, especially as the majority of us are stuck at home with not much to do. Some pick up arts and crafts while others try to help others in need. And then there’s a third kind who are doing their best at amusing themselves and others.

LittleMrMillwall originally posted this video on Twitter back on May 19, but the footage has since been reshared and retweeted all over the internet. The original 2-minute video currently has 2.4M views and shows a man operating a crane trolling a person sunbathing on the ground. Two men can be heard communicating in the footage, cracking jokes, and reacting to the sunbather moving out of the crane’s way.

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With so many views racking up, it’s no surprise that people were quick to express their opinions on the matter. And while the majority had a good laugh at the poor sunbather, there were also those who criticized the authors of the video. What’s your opinion on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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This 2-minute video caught people’s attention and has since gone viral

Most of the people had a good laugh after watching the video

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However, not everyone found this as funny as the others

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