Crappy Cat Drawings That Are Actually Photorealistic

Cats ain’t the easiest critters in the kingdom to draw, and yet their personalities and feline essence can be captured in a less than realistic drawing.

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But one of the biggest problems with drawing cats is that they won’t pose or sit still long enough to be used as a model, so if you’re not a quick draw artist you have to catch them while they’re sleeping.

This creates a new problem- cats often sleep in funny places and positions, so the drawings come out looking more like a caterpillar than a cat, which makes people think you don’t know how to draw cats.

People will also judge your cat drawings if the feline subject is making a funny face, because cats never do funny things and they certainly don’t make funny faces, not ever!

Heloisa created the Twitter account Poorly Drawn Cats (@poorlycatdraw) because she’s always being judged for her cat drawings even though every one of them is a photorealistic masterpiece.

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Source: neatorama

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