Crash Testing a Ford Panel Van

What we have here is someone driving into a huge morningstar, a medieval weapon that resembles a wrecking ball with spikes. You have to wonder why. The van seems pretty tough against it at seven miles per hour, but then they try again at higher speeds.

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I’m sure there were many thoughts going through your head while you watched it.

1. Why are they doing this?
2. That van seems to be pretty tough.
3. Hey, what’s that ball hanging from?
4. Wait, are they using more than one van?
5. No Ford van, especially one that old, can go 75 mph.
6. Where did they get all these vans?
7. Oh, I get it.
8. Airborn!
9. Yeah, this is the most entertaining video I’ve seen today.

-via Everlasting Blort

Source: neatorama

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