Creating a Fake Eject Button for A Car's Passenger Seat

YouTube maker Scott Prints created this gag for his car. No, it doesn’t actually eject the passenger, but it is a wired button that does activate something.

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Specifically, it’s wired to a garage door opener. The device lodges into a cubby in his car. This video shows his step-by-step process for designing and building the gadget.

Scott Prints hopes that his next passenger asks about it. He already has a few lines prepared:

  • “It came with the car. I’ve never actually pushed it.” (while reaching for the button)
  • “It’s for my other job.”
  • “We’ll get for that. But first, who did you vote for?”
  • “Eh, don’t worry about it. Also, don’t push it.”

He asks that viewers suggest their own lines to feed to unwary passengers.

-via Hack a Day

Source: neatorama

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