Criminals Who Faked Their Own Deaths

Common logic might tell you that the easiest way to get away with a crime is to convince everyone that you are dead and cannot be prosecuted. What could possibly go wrong? A little more thought will show how stupid that idea is. If the police are after you for criminal activity, they’ve already figured out at least one thing you tried to pull over their eyes. Faking your own death (“pseudocide”) might involve killing someone to pass off as your own body, which only makes your crimes that much worse. Then there’s the problem of being someone else afterward, which comes with its own set of complications.

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But not all such cases follow the same modus operandi. Sometimes the death is not to cover earlier crimes, but for insurance fraud or even just to leave your old life behind- not that those schemes work any better. This video even includes one case you might remember when the fake death was done for criminal investigative purposes.  -via Damn Interesting

Source: neatorama

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