Crit Me – The Roll Of A Lifetime

Crit Me by AustenMarie

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There’s a feeling tabletop gamers get when they roll that almighty 20 on a 20-sided die that cannot be explained, a feeling that makes the player want to cry out “Crit Me Daddy!”, which they totally shouldn’t do lest they annoy the gamemaster. The feeling of rolling a “natural 20” hits your brain, stomach and groin all at once, and for some that feeling is way better than sex because at least the 20 leaves you with an improved character and more loot! But if you want to see what it’s like to make the sexiest of all rolls you’ve gotta start role playing, and when that “Crit Me Daddy!” feeling comes you’ll be hooked for life!

Show the world you’re a critical hit with this Crit Me t-shirt by AustenMarie, it’s the sexy way to say “I’m team RPG all the way!”.

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