Crowdfunding Smash: A Hi-Tech Measuring Device With Questionable Benefits

The Meazor is a digital measuring tool that purports to let you “perform meticulous measuring” with both a roller for tracing, and a laser for scanning. This is how you’re meant to use the object, which resembles something Motorola might have designed:

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The 360-degree laser scanning on a tripod might be useful for getting the gross measurements of a room, provided you cleared the furniture first. But I just don’t see how, if measuring a drawing, the roller would beat the accuracy of a tick mark on an architect’s scale. I have no faith I’d be able to nail the end of a line with the roller, and the slightest error on a scale drawing would of course be magnified when translated to the actual environment.

Backers don’t seem to mind. At press time the $130 device had been successfully Kickstarted with $177,287 in pledges on a $30,000 goal, and 16 days left in the campaign. It seems the fancy drawing tool genre of objects is continuing to thrive.

Source: core77

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