Crowdfunding Smash: An Overly Designey, Minimalist Hot Glue Gun That Takes Proprietary Glue Sticks

As an industrial design student years ago, I’d never have guessed that our basic studio tools–rulers, circle templates, glue guns–would one day be remade as expensive, overly designey “luxury” items. But it’s happened. There’s that fancy $84 Stria folding ruler, the $120 Iris circle drawing object

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….and now it’s the humble glue gun’s turn. This “Imezing: World’s Most Compact & Powerful Cordless Hot Glue Pen” looks like it was designed purely to win a 1990s German design award.

The $39 object doesn’t take standard 1/2″ glue sticks, nor even the smaller 7mm x 100mm sticks available on the market; instead it takes a proprietary 7mm x 25mm size that you load into a chamber like bullets in a rifle. So unless you want to order replacement glue sticks from Imezing, “you may simply cut [market-standard 7mm sticks] away to use with the Imezing,” according to the company.

Super helpful call-out

This illustration says “We’re not quite sure how to use call-outs (and we don’t proofread)”

Looking at the usage cases, I’m not sure who this is designed for:

Nevertheless, the Imezing was crowdfunded in 30 minutes, and wound up with $167,020 on IndieGogo and $166,313 on Kickstarter, according to each of the campaign pages–but something seems weirdly fishy here: Add those two numbers together, and you get $333,333. WTF?

Source: core77

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