Cryptide Sneakers: 3D-Printed in TPE

Hey, so you remember Stephan Henrich, that German robotics designer/architect who came up with that crazy Infinity Bike concept?

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More recently, Henrich has been experimenting with 3D printing using TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). Using a Sintratec S2 SLS printer, he created this pair of Cryptide Sneakers:

They’re based on a 3D scan of his feet, for a perfect fit.

Here’s Henrich himself explaining the shoe, as well as its somewhat silly name:

My first thought when looking at them was that they wouldn’t last too long, which is already my biggest gripe with sneakers. But then I remembered that TPE is completely recyclable. If these came with some kind of recyclable weatherproof uppers that were designed for disassembly, I think that wouldn’t be a bad model for sustainable footwear, where your old worn-out pairs get turned into feedstock for a fresh pair.

Source: core77

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