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Over the past 30 days, NFT works worth over $ 100 million have been sold. It’s time for crypto art and DotPigeon is its new, very rich prophet.

Who is DotPigeon?

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The Italian DotPigeon has become a world celebrity thanks to Nifty Gateway, a crypto art marketplace that is convincing more and more collectors. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, but above all a younger audience ready to understand the mechanisms and potential of digital works.For DotPigeon it happened that his works sold out in a very short time, making him earn a million euros. From today, in fact, the artistic identity will have priority over that of art in a web advertising agency. A position that he was able to leave to dedicate himself, finally, only to his paintings.

Milanese, 33 years old, DotPigeon was especially liked by the under 30 Americans, who appreciated style and message. He paints beautiful houses, homes for the rich, in which a character with his face covered by a balaclava sneaks. A thief? A provocateur? Simply, the most hidden part of himself, the one that reacts with anger to the obligation to show himself respectable and without emotions, in line with a facade that would once have been called “bourgeois”, and which today responds to the need to show oneself “politically correct “, always and in any case. The works, proposed in numbered editions and in digital file format, authenticated by blockchain technology, have all been sold. Average price: 1,500 euros.

DotPigeon’s story

DotPigeon’s story serves to understand how he is changing a market hitherto dominated by galleries, auctions and fairs.The physical market, in short, which is now joined by the digital one. Instead of having a picture to hang on the wall, you are awarded the file of a crypto author. Something very different from a nerd capable of using Photoshop or 3D programs.“There are those who comment that it makes sense to spend X euros for a jpg, stuff that is saved on a computer” says DotPigeon. “In reality it is this belief that does not make sense, otherwise we could print Leonardo’s Mona Lisa and think it has a value. But it is evident that he does not have it. Because it is not authentic.»

To get to this point, DotPigeon has combined creativity with a wise marketing of itself. He has promoted his work in the right places: on Discord, for example, the gamer app has become the favorite space for creating communities. And then looking for the support of the Larry’s List Instagram page, which indicates the artists to keep an eye on. But also keeping alive the physical link with reality: it is in fact represented by the Plan X Art Gallery in Milan.

What is Crypto Art?

The new pole of attraction for collectors. It went from transactions of a few thousand euros in 2018 to tens of millions in 2020. Auction houses begun to beat digital works: Christies did it with “Everydays — The First 5000 Days” by Beeple, a crypto record holder. The crypto art works are registered on the blockchain with an encrypted NFT (Non Fungible Token) that contains the artist’s signature.

The token verifies the authenticity of the work and a set of information. These are creations produced in motion graphics, three-dimensional creations, digital decompositions and movement simulations, or works made traditionally and then photographed to be modified.Once the crypto work of desires has been identified, we proceed to purchase. Some platforms allow the use of a credit card, but generally you pay in ETH, the Ethereum currency.

In February, NFT works worth over 100 million dollars were sold globally. The OpenSea platform alone recorded an increase in sales of 400%, from 8 to 32 million dollars. Other blockbusters are Nifty Gateway, SuperRare and Rarible: if there is a chance to invest, it’s time to look for the author to bet on.

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