Cuban artist fills Havana with melancholic street art

If you want to see some haunting street art, then you better take a look at the old buildings of Havana, Cuba. An artist is filling the country’s capital with amazing art. Yulier Rodriguez is a craftsman with his subject of choice being alien creatures. But these aren’t your typical sci-fi baddies – they give out a certain air of melancholy. It’s almost terrifying to a point. Because the city has a lot of abandoned buildings, Rodriguez took them as a blank canvas of sorts. This sort of derelict graffiti is common in nearby cities, but this is more novel to Havana.

Rodriguez signs his artwork with “Yulier P.” You’ll find several alien-like work featuring gigantic heads and beamy eyes. The artist claims they are fables, or “souls” – suffering and wandering and wondering. Are they in pain? Are they contemplating over their life? Who’s to say? It’s up to the audience to create his own interpretation. One thing is for certain – they are definitely not too happy.

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