Currently Crowdfunding: An Upgrade on the Ultimate Minimalist Pen, a DIY Marine Research Kit and More

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Navigating the world of crowdfunding can be overwhelming, to put it lightly. Which projects are worth backing? Where’s the filter to weed out the hundreds of useless smart devices? To make the process less frustrating, we scour the various online crowdfunding platforms to put together a weekly roundup of our favorite campaigns for your viewing (and spending!) pleasure. Go ahead, free your disposable income:

Brooklyn-based design studio CW&T is at it again with their impeccably designed Pen Type-C. Machined out of titanium, the flat design doubles as a bookmark and features a bent steel spring to protect the tip when it’s not in use. Fidgeters among you beware: flipping it around looks like way too much fun.

Here’s a chance to own an object that’s part of Cooper Hewitt’s permanent collection. BabyLegs is a DIY tool and open-source platform aimed at making marine pollution research accessible to everyone. A variety of “trawl kits” are available—made of baby’s tights, soda pop bottles, and other inexpensive materials—which can be used to collect and survey microplastics as small as half a millimeter.

This pillow uses gentle vibration therapy to guide you through your meditation practice and encourage focus.

This easy-to-use air quality monitor is small but formidable: it will track temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, VOCs and fine dust particles as small as PM 2.5/10 in whatever room you put it in. An accompanying app translates that data into actionable recommendations and insights.

Perfect for anyone who has to move a lot, this sofa features a unique honeycomb structure typically used in aircraft design that is deceptively strong (it can withstand 1500 pounds) and allows for a super easy assembly/disassembly process.

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