Custom-Fitted, 3D-Printed, Machine-Washable Sneakers

A company you’ve never heard of called Zellerfeld claims to be “the industry leader in 3D-printing and innovative footwear technology.” To back up the claim, this month they announced their open beta, allowing the general public to order any of their 15 footwear designs (though quantities will be limited).

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Customers will use this app to scan their feet, then can order Zellerfeld kicks that are printed to fit precisely. The sneakers/shoes themselves are unibody and monomaterial, “with no glues, seams, or weak points,” the company claims. Interestingly, they are also machine-washable; Zellerfeld says the mesh the shoes are printed in is fast-drying and odor-resistant.

The company remains mum on what kind of polymer the shoes are printed from, and will only say they’re “free of harmful textiles, leathers, and rubbers.” They do say, however, that their shoes are fully recyclable, and it seems they’re hoping to capture customers in an eternal upgrade loop: “Get ongoing new versions and return old pairs for recycling,” they tease, without offering further details.

Lastly, the company says that in addition to the 15 designs available now, there are “new designs to be added on a weekly basis, from leading brands including Heron Preston, KidSuper and KITTY in addition to a new generation of emerging designers.”

Prices are in the $250 to $300 range per pair.

Source: core77

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