Custom High-Tech Bras for Mastectomy Patients

Designer Lisa Marks of the Georgia Institute of Technology refers to her invention as Algorithmic Lace. It’s a bobbin lace fabric is that curved instead of flat as it’s being made, permitting her to create bras for the needs of individual mastectomy patients. In an interview with Cool Hunting, Marks explained what properties it presents to women who have undergone mastectomies:

Thinking about who needs the most variation, who needs the most customization, and there are just so many women with breast cancer. About 50% of women that have a mastectomy choose to not have reconstructive surgery. We might not realize it walking down the street but there’s a very large number of women who are using external prosthetics (which are) very heavy and use a lot of irritating adhesive. Scar tissue is really sensitive and can’t tolerate underwires and things that normal bras use. When you’re trying to put something on your body, and then you have to make it fit, and it’s not really for you, I can imagine that’d wear on your confidence.

-via Motor1

Source: neatorama

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