Custom Printed Acoustic Panels Dial In Spatial Branding, Dial Down Noise

Of all the benefits of working at home an employee might list, concentration is one that even the most ardent in-office advocate must concede as true. Offices are notorious for their distractions and, as we’ve seen, designers have labored to address them for years, exploring solutions such as noise-cancelling headphones, office blinders, sound dampening visual barriers, zoom booths, and privacy-minded hoodie chairs.

Kirei, a provider of materials for commercial interiors, has made a business of addressing one of the key components of office distraction: noise. They have a Core77 Built Environment Award to speak for their design bona fides and we’ve covered the Air Baffle, a hanging sound barrier made of recycled Nikes which they developed with designer Michael DiTullo.

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This time around DiTullo worked with Kirei’s new large format printer which enables the application of graphics to a wide range of products. The digital process allows for customization, which puts the acoustic material into double duty, for instance in a classroom situation where you need quiet AND school spirit simultaneously.

While companies in the market for sound mitigation may be attracted to the technology’s ability to splash branding throughout offices and halls, those in charge of speccing a space will find great utility in a product that visually matches wood or stone while avoiding their high sound reflection.

DiTullo drew from a range of styles for the decorative patterns, including some Op Art-esque favorites:

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Source: core77

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