Customer Accuses Waiter Of Terrible Service And Racism, Gets Brutally Exposed By The Owner

We love it when small businesses get their own back on fake and malicious ‘reviews’ here at Bored Panda. There’s just something really satisfying about an eloquent and damning exposé of the true story; that perfect response which gloriously denies an entitled customer’s childish thirst for petty revenge.

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It seems that the last refuge of the scoundrel is a clumsy attempt to play the victim when things go awry between customer and business owner; when the customer has no valid case or complaint to fall back on, they lash out in a vain attempt to ‘destroy’ the business by forever tainting them with the stink of racism.

Exactly this happened recently at Blade & Timber KC, an ax-throwing facility located in Leawood, Kansas. Someone calling themselves George B. clearly didn’t have a great experience and decided to write a damning review about it on Yelp.

He named names! Clearly looking for Jordan to get the sack, George was quick to point out his friend’s cultural background as the reason for the group getting kicked out. Sounds pretty far fetched, doesn’t it? This innocent group of young people, trying to enjoy themselves while celebrating a birthday, cruelly ejected from the premises simply because one of them was Hispanic. That’s just pure evil, Jordan!

Luckily Matt B., the business owner, remembers them all too well and was quick to respond with the full story. Because there always is a full story in these cases.

Now that, my friends, is how to respond to malicious reviews. A logical explanation, a thorough dressing-down and a generous and cheeky offer to the Hispanic community, just to ram the point home. Racism my ass, George.

And there was more. It turns out that someone else from the group had an axe to grind too, coming at the ‘I’ll destroy your business’ revenge plan from a different angle.

What do you think? Was this a good way to respond to the dishonest review? Have you ever tried axe throwing? Would you like to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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