Customer Gets Followed Outside By Screaming ‘Karen’ Who Can’t Comprehend They’re Not Staff, The Manager Closes The Store

Most of us have had a day that seems too difficult to deal with. And when it’s nearly over, the last thing you need is a person that’s equally as frustrating as the day itself.

Redditor u/Tactical-Pixie-1864 was having a tough enough day, when an entitled woman at the store took it from bad to worse. The OP told the ‘I Don’t Work Here Lady’ community that the lady mistook her for an employee and was furious when the “staff member” wouldn’t abide by her demands. She threw a tantrum, which did nothing but put her in quite a pickle herself.

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Bored Panda has reached out to the OP and she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. Scroll down to find our interview with her in the text below.

Some entitled people are able to take someone’s day from bad to worse in a matter of minutes

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This lady confused a person at the store for an employee and didn’t leave her alone even when the customer said she didn’t work there

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The OP had a rough enough day already before the entitled shopper made things even worse

Dealing with entitled customers is never easy, especially when it’s already been a long day at work. And even more so, when you don’t work for the place the customer thinks that you do to begin with. For reasons only known to the bothersome lady in the OP’s story, she wouldn’t take no for an answer when the redditor said she didn’t work there, and that’s what made the situation so frustrating.

“The thing that annoyed me the most was the simple fact that the woman acted the way that she did,” the OP told Bored Panda. “I mean, I explained that I wasn’t employed there and even pointed out where someone who was an employee could be found. It was her entitled laziness that really honked me off. She found me, so apparently in her mind only I could help her.”

Not only was such conduct extremely rude, it was also foolish, as people in the comments pointed out. Such absurd behavior would be difficult enough to deal with on a regular day, and unfortunately for the OP, she had to go through the scene after having a rough day at work. That’s why she decided not to get herself involved any more than necessary.

“The primary reason I didn’t engage her was that I had just finished a rather busy shift and I was tired. Working as an EMT means that you’re either dealing with the exciting cases where it’s really life and death… or that it’s just cases where you are dealing with minor stuff,” the redditor said.

“The minor stuff often has its share of belligerent people. Drunks, people who don’t understand our job and get annoyed that we can’t just wave a magic wand and make their loved one’s pain go away, and the occasional racist who gets annoyed that a [insert racial slur for people of Mexican heritage here] is working on them. I didn’t engage because I just didn’t have the energy to,” she added.

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Luckily, the manager wasn’t willing to put up with the customer’s tantrum either

Verywell Mind pointed out that an entitled person typically has a self-absorbed view of the world, which is why they don’t really care for their impact on other people. In addition to that, they think they deserve special treatment, and believe their needs come before anyone else’s, which leads to them causing a scene if things don’t go the way they want them to.

The customer in the OP’s story didn’t seem to care much about the fact that the woman wasn’t a staff member or that the manager was trying to talk to her. She was focused on yelling at the “employee” even while her bags were being locked inside the store.

“I loved how the manager handled the situation,” the OP told Bored Panda. “They were closing, she didn’t seem to want to give up on giving me a piece of her mind for being ‘the lazy employee’ and go back and get her groceries paid for… so they locked up and closed the shop.

“Besides, her redirected anger let me get back on the road so I could go home when she finally got out of my way,” she added. It was thanks to the manager’s nerves of steel and problem-solving abilities that the OP was able to get out of the bizarre situation and escape the entitled customer.

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People shared their thoughts in the comments, some shamed the entitled lady for her actions

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