Cuteness: What It Is And How It Affects Us

You may have seen chubby-cheeked babies and wide-eyed puppies. How did you react to them? I could assume that you probably went, “Awwww! How cute!” But have you ever wondered why you felt that way?

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Once thought to trigger a hardwired, primarily maternal, caregiving response, researchers are now learning that cuteness actually sets off unique brain activity — in women and men — that goes beyond making sure Junior wants for nothing. Marketers and product designers have known for decades that cuteness sells, but a series of recent studies suggests it’s less about caregiving and more about empathy, community and sharing.

In fact, understanding what cuteness is and how it affects us may help us harness its powers for good.

Know more about cuteness, and how the study about it started, over at Discover.

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