Cutting Hair with Fire

Usually, when someone’s hair got set on fire, it’s not on purpose. But setting his client’s hair on fire is exactly what Palestinian hairdresser Ramadan Adwan meant to do.

AP Photographer Khalil Hamra visited Adwan’s barbershop to find out more about this unusual practice:

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In his small shop in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Adwan uses careful application of open flames. His creative idea was born from Gaza’s frequent power cuts preventing him from using a dryer. After cutting and combing, the barber applies what he calls "special" lotion and powder to client’s heads to protect their skin before using flames from an aerosol can to dry the wet hair. "The experience strengthens the hair, but it’s not permanent as with chemical products. It’s just temporary to show a good and nice style," he says.

Take a look at the fascinating story over at Chron. Image: Khalil Hamra

Source: neatorama

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