Dad Builds Special Cart For Dog With Arthritis

This dog named Kaylee has been around with Sara Morris and her family for 13 thirteen years, faithfully coming with them with every step of the way. But now that she’s old, she’s finding it hard to keep up with the family.

“She has trouble walking due to her arthritis in her back legs, and recently it has gotten a little worse,” Sara Morris, Kaylee’s owner, told The Dodo. “She can still walk but not for long periods of time.”

Watching Kaylee try to cope with her mobility has been heartbreaking for her family; she still insists on being by their side as they move about the house, but it’s clearly a painful struggle at times.

To ensure that Kaylee won’t ever feel left behind, Morris’s father decided to create something for Kaylee.

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“On his day off, he spent it in the garage making her something that would make it easier for her to be with us. She loves being around us and always near my dad,” Morris said. “So, he made her a cart with wheels, so we can pull her around with us.”

It was just the thing that Kaylee needed.

Now, as the family walks from room to room, or outdoors for a stroll, Kaylee is able to keep pace without her body aching.

(Video Credit: SM0RRiS4/ Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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