Dad Figures Out A Way To Get Back At ‘Karen’ Neighbor After She Makes Their Life Hell

Ever had a particular someone push your buttons too many times? Well, father and Reddit user Tal1968 has.

After moving into a new place with his family, he quickly realized that one of the neighbors had set out to torment them just because.

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The lady spread lies about them to the community, falsely accused the folks to the police, and never showed signs of stopping. The last straw was her shutting their water off for an entire weekend.

So the man decided to get back at her, and when Thanksgiving rolled around, he found the perfect opportunity to do so.

Among other things, a dad is supposed to be a protector of his children

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So this man took revenge on the insufferable neighbor who was continuously causing trouble for his family

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By robbing the family of their peace and quiet and turning others against them, the lady seriously harmed their sense of security and well-being

Neighbors are important to us, especially in middle and older age. In fact, a paper called Continuity and Change in Relationships with Neighbors: Implications for Psychological Well-being in Middle and Later Life found that a lack of their support contributes to a sense of loss and decreased well-being.

Unlike previous studies, which largely have examined neighbor relationships at a single point in time, this one examined a 10-year period during which people’s relationships with neighbors might’ve changed.

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“Smaller, prior studies of older adults within their communities suggest that neighbors’ spontaneous interactions can provide a sense of community, structure and purpose, friendship, humor, and an outlet for personal expression. Our study contributes additional empirical support for the importance of community initiatives that help people develop and maintain strong relationships with neighbors,” explains Emily Greenfield, lead researcher of the study and associate professor for Rutgers School of Social Work.

She says her findings support an “aging in community” framework, which emphasizes developing supportive relationships among community members not only for the sake of mitigating potential problems in later life but also for promoting optimal functioning and quality of life.

Although strong ties with neighbors might not prevent serious conditions such as depression, they can yield psychological gains by helping people to feel engaged in adult developmental tasks, for example, maintaining a sense of purpose and finding opportunities for personal growth.

So this wasn’t just a refusal to shake their hand; it was a deliberate act of undermining their sense of belonging and support within their own (new) community.

People were glad to hear that the lady got what was coming to her

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