Dad Pulls Up A ‘Do Not Enter’ Sign For His Kids

We usually do not want any disturbances when we work, especially now that many of us are working from home, we are not amenable to our family members disturbing us for no good reason. How do you drive that home when you have children? David Kuhl, a father of five from Florida might just have a solution. He came up with a great way to keep the kids out of his office during his work hours: 

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David Kuhl, a father of five created the sign for a company halloween contest, according to Good Morning America.

Kuhl explained that he was trying to strike a balance between having the kids home and having to work from home. He showed his coworkers the poster during a Zoom meeting. Once he noticed that it got people laughing, he decided to then go ahead and post it on LinkedIn, where it gained the most traction.

He had put up the poster on LinkedIn at the end of October around lunchtime. He said by the time he woke up, it had over half a million views. The poster itself is hilarious. They are “rules for when dad is in a meeting.” If they don’t follow the rules then they will lose screen time for two days. There are answers to very common questions that kids ask. The answers to the questions include

“In the wash”

“Ask mom”


“Unless you are bleeding it is fine”

“Pieces of fruit”

Kuhl said that there was an overwhelmingly positive response to his poster, with the occasional troll who thought the “ask mom” wasn’t a great answer. However, he and his wife laugh about it. He says they both joke around and tell the kids to either go ask their father or go ask their mother about whatever it is that they may be asking. His wife also stays at home and works as well.

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