Dad Wears Really Skimpy Shorts To Teach His Daughter A Lesson

There’s nothing better than dad jokes. In fact, here at Bored Panda, we love them so much, we dedicated an entire list only for you to facepalm at and your dad to uncontrollably laugh at. It seems that once you become a dad, you grow a particular gene that lets you troll your entire family with the most absurd jokes. And, well, you can’t be mad, because once in a while, these jokes turn into viral sensations just like the one we are talking about today. What’s even better, these jokes might even have a valuable lesson behind them.

Recently, one father from Florida named Jason Hilley decided to teach his daughter a lesson about wearing very revealing clothes

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Image credits: Jason Hilley

In a now viral video, the father of two enters his daughter’s room wearing similar shorts like the ones his daughter recently bought.

You can hear Jason tell his daughter, ‘Kendall, we have to have a talk. Get your shorts, we’re gonna see whose fit better.” His daughter Kendall ends up putting on her brand new shorts and starts comparing her looks to her father, you can hear all family members laughing at this entire situation.

After standing next to her daughter, Jason jokingly says, ‘I’m picking her up from school with these on’ while his wife just laughs in the background. Now, this hilarious family joke has over 45 million views,  863k shares, 200k likes, and over 95k comments, it seems that people do love it a lot.

You can watch the full video below

Needless to say, people online absolutely loved this entire situation


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