Damage Evaluator Templates for Rental Cars

If you rent a car from Enterprise, you’ll find this thing in the glovebox:

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That little template is a Damage Evaluator Tool. Enterprise suggests that upon receiving your rental, you “Walk around the car looking for safety issues and damage. If you see any damage to the vehicle you will use these guidelines and that Damage Evaluator to assess the size of the damage.” All of this is so that you’re not charged for any existing damage to the car. If you find something, you’re meant to report it.

Then, “Once the damage has been reported, there will be a damage sticker placed on the middle of the damage on the vehicle. If you see the sticker on the damage there is no need to call in to report it. If you’re unsure, always call our reservation line so you’re not held responsible for the damage.”

You would think this is their job, not yours, but these are the times we live in.

Interestingly, auto body repair tool retailer Edgy Tools sells these.

Why? Because if you run an auto body shop, “This $25 Damage Evaluator card could be easily turned into $100 profit increase the very first time you use it,” they write. “Instead of looking like you are pulling your price out of thin air, using this guide will make you appear more professional and give credibility to your price quote. Use it over and over and watch the bottom line grow.”

Source: core77

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