Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís’ New Book ‘Happytecture’ Finds Beauty and Whimsy in Architectural Details

A photo of a bow added to a window so that it looks as though it is being carried like a large present.

“Window Shopping.” All images © Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís, shared with permission

Whether interacting with architecture or crafting their own sets, photography duo Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís (previously) find endless inspiration in the built environment. Grounded in their training as architects, the Valencia-based pair conceive of visual puns and whimsical ways to augment existing structures and spaces by adding new design elements and donning garments that blend in with the scenery.

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Happytecture, a new book published by Counterprint, celebrates the last several years of their joy-filled practice of transforming ordinary locations into eye-catching, witty works of art. Saturated hues and exquisitely produced props characterize Devís and Rueda’s compositions, the result of scouting unique locations and finding imaginative ways to incorporate new shapes, palettes, and clothing. By precisely matching patterns or embellishing with bows, they add new meaning to existing designs and challenge us to see our surroundings differently.

Follow both Devís and Rueda’s Instagrams for updates, and on their website, you can purchase a signed copy of the book with the option to include a print. You can also find the book in Counterprint’s shop.


A woman looks out at a striped lighthouse and wears a striped outfit that looks just like it.

“I Light What I See”

A woman stands under a geometric architectural feature and holds her arm up as if she holding up the entire structure.

“Weight For It”

A woman stands with her back to the camera, wearing a hat.

“Strong HER”

A woman stands on a sand dune and holds a balloon that is also the moon.


A spread of a book showing two photographs of a ghost and a jack-o-lantern.

A woman stands on top of a staircase in a blue building.

“Verti-go or Verti-stay?”

The cover of a book called 'Happytecture' with a print next to it.

A photograph of two women standing on top of a geometric rooftop.


The spread of a book showing some images and work-in-progress photos.

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