“Data Is Beautiful”: 112 Charts That Might Change Your Perspective On Things (New Pics)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we all have our own ideas of what can be considered stunning. For some, a bright orange sunset is the epitome of beauty, while others can’t imagine anything more gorgeous than a perfectly baked soufflé. Even charts can be considered beautiful by the right audience.

So if you’re a graph enthusiast, you’re in luck. Down below, we’ve gathered some of the most gorgeous and satisfying displays of information that have been shared on the “Data is Beautiful” subreddit. Enjoy learning something new from these stunning charts, be sure to upvote the ones you find equally informative and aesthetically pleasing!

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#1 [oc] Bloom Dates For Every Flower In My Garden- Everyone In R/Gardening Wanted Me To Share This Here, Hope You’ll Allow It!

Image credits: M-Rage

#2 Gordon Ramsay And Martha Stewart Are Being Outperformed By Doña Angela, A Grandma From Rural Mexico And Her Daughter’s Phone Camera

Image credits: latinometrics

#3 Countries With School Shootings (Total Incidents From Jan 2009 To May 2018)

Image credits: flyingcatwithhorns

The Data is Beautiful subreddit was created in February 2012, and it’s amassed an impressive 19.4 million members since then. The group’s description explains that it’s for “visualizations that effectively convey information”, and notes that, “Aesthetics are an important part of information visualization, but pretty pictures are not the sole aim of this subreddit.” So while you might find these pics stunning, you’re also going to learn something. The moderators note in the subreddit’s rules that posts must contain a “qualifying data visualization”, which, for the purposes of this subreddit, means no photographs. 

“Fake data, goofball statistics, and trivial analysis” are also not welcome in Data is Beautiful. The information shared must be based on real or simulated data, a mapping of information to a visual property, must be more than “dots on a map”, must be made with the intent to communicate data, and must be comprehensible based on the visual and labels included.  

#4 [oc] I Updated Our Famous Password Table For 2022

Image credits: hivesystems

#5 Abortion Deaths In The USA (1968-2018)

Image credits: thedataracer

#6 Young Adults Are Leading The Mass Exodus From Christianity In The Us

Image credits: gridnews

We’ve previously covered Data is Beautiful on Bored Panda over the past couple years, and in the past, we were lucky enough to get in touch with the group’s moderators to learn more about running this informational subreddit. The moderators previously shared with Bored Panda that they hold high standards for the community, ensuring that members are treated as “first-class citizens” who are always credited and acknowledged for their work. 

“We bring a data-centric view of the world to millions of people every day—from important information about the COVID-19 pandemic all the way to a random dude’s daily bowel movements—and our community prides itself in that fact,” one moderator previously shared. “For example, we had community members posting analyses and projections of COVID-19 trends back in January and February 2020—well before anyone in the U.S. was taking the pandemic seriously. /r/DataIsBeautiful is THE place to go when you want to see the signal through the noise of hectic daily life.”

#7 USA Cigarettes Sold V. Lung Cancer Death Rates

Image credits: rosetechnology

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#8 Japan’s Work To Reduce Homelessness

Image credits: Xsythe

#9 Do You Belief In Ghosts?

Image credits: GradientMetrics

According to the moderator team of Data is Beautiful, the subreddit receives between 400-500 submissions every week, and in one given month, they had 2,370 approvals, removals and spam posts. Meanwhile, the number of comments the subreddit receives is far too many to count, with an estimate of over 100k. And the rules of the group are frequently being assessed and improved by the moderators. “For example, we no longer allow YouTube videos as it was being abused by content creators looking for subs on their channel,” one moderator previously told Bored Panda. “We also occasionally temporarily prohibit specific subjects, like Tinder or dating posts, when a topic overwhelms the subreddit although dating posts are allowed again.”

#10 USA: Who Do We Spend Time With Across Our Lifetimes?

Image credits: rosetechnology

#11 Frequency Of Compound Insults (E.g. “Poophead”, “Scumwad”) In Reddit Comments, Organized By Prefix And Suffix

Image credits: halfeatenscone

#12 Population Density Of Egypt

Image credits: symmy546

“We also only allow personal posts (posts about the poster such as miles jogged over a year, as an example) on Mondays, which I believe we instituted during my tenure,” one moderator added. “That’s just a flavor of the types of rules we add, adjust, or remove over time. Rule changes are done by consensus of the mods and we will often spend days or weeks deciding on new rules and how to word them.”

#13 Costco Hot Dog Combo vs. Inflation

Image credits: nick_ecoinometrics

#14 Highest Paid Actors For A Single Production

Image credits: giteam

#15 The Popularity Of The Name “Mabel” In The United States Skyrocketed After Gravity Falls Came Out

Image credits: Aloiciousss

And while the moderators are constantly working hard to ensure that the subreddit is functioning as perfectly as possible, due to the sheer amount of content, they can’t filter through every single post. “Most posts are visible immediately, however, we also utilize AutoMod to ‘filter’ out posts that likely violate a rule,” one moderator previously explained to Bored Panda. “Speaking of AutoMod, we heavily rely on it to filter, or make invisible, both posts and comments based on keywords, user karma, and URL links (to name a few) which then have to be manually approved before they are visible. We also utilize it to automatically remove posts that violate our rules (e.g., YouTube links or directly linking an image and not claiming [OC]) so we mods don’t even have to see them.”

#16 Bolivia’s Infant Mortality Has Dropped Below The World’s Average

Image credits: latinometrics

#17 Titanic Survival By Gender And Class. Learning R For The First Time And The Power Of Ggplot

Image credits: Junior-Obligation-27

#18 Covid-19 Accounted For More Line-Of-Duty Police Deaths Last Year Than All Other Causes Combined

Image credits: TrueBirch

As far as growth is concerned in this subreddit, it’s been pretty steady, according to the moderators. They shared that it started to slow down in 2017 and 2018, but since the last time we featured Data is Beautiful, the subreddit has gained over 3 million members, so it has definitely continued its growth over the years. The moderators also previously told Bored Panda that, “The way Reddit works, the subscriber count isn’t all that important above a certain point, which is enough to get on r/all and/or the front page. That hits on a topic most of the more serious subreddits face: good content vs popular content.”

#19 Surge In Egg Prices In The U.s

Image credits: Metalytiq

#20 What Foreign Ways Of Doing Things Would Americans Embrace?

Image credits: YouGov_Official

#21 Most Spoken Languages In The World

Image credits: neilrkaye

The moderators also noted that they work “above and beyond and really keep the community moving.” And as far as what’s popular in the community, there’s a wide variety of charts being shared. A couple of years ago, COVID posts had a massive spike, understandably, but today there are different trends. And when it comes to what type of graphs are ideal for the page, one moderator previously told Bored Panda, “Pies and bars certainly both have their uses, but we’ve all seen the results of tortured dataviz, and I think that’s where something like the pie chart gets a bad rap.”

#22 Does Healthcare Spending Correlate With Life Expectancy?

Image credits: latinometrics

#23 What Job Hunting Has Been Like As A 2020 Graduate So Far

Image credits: Abbathor

#24 How Probable Is ……?

Image credits: GradientMetrics

There are literally no limits to the kinds of information that can be displayed in a gorgeous graph or captivating chart. All you need to make your own is some reliable data, a computer program that can create a stunning display of information and a clear message to convey. Data is anything but boring, because it can be about anything you like! If you’re interested in food, politics, cultural differences around the world, or anything else, you can certainly learn something new in the Data is Beautiful group.

#25 What Would Minimum Wage Be If…?

Image credits: LibertarianSlaveownr

#26 Global Wealth Inequality In 2021 Visualized By Comparing The Bottom 80% With Increasingly Smaller Groups At The Top Of The Distribution

Image credits: rubenbmathisen

#27 The Absolute Quality Of Better Call Saul

Image credits: SansAtionel

Are you feeling wowed by these gorgeous charts and displays of data? These pics just go to show that everything in life can be fascinating, even statistics, if displayed in the right way. Keep upvoting the charts you love the most, and let us know in the comments what information you’d like to see conveyed in a gorgeous way. Then, if you’re interested in checking out Bored Panda’s previous publications featuring the Data is Beautiful subreddit, you can find those right here and here!

#28 Household Ownership Of Consumer Goods In India

Image credits: pratapvardhan

#29 World’s Biggest Polluters

Image credits: infographycs

#30 Size Of Bank Failures Since 2000

Image credits: pranshum

#31 2 Years Of My GF And I Tracking The Sleep Quality Impact Of Various Choices/Behaviours. These Were The 8 Most Significant Effects

Image credits: HeroJournal

#32 The Most Watched Netflix Shows

Image credits: Dremarious

#33 World Population 2023 In A Single Chart Calculate In Millions Of People. China, India, The Us, And The Eu Combined Generate Half Of The World’s Gdp And Are Home To Almost Half Of The World’s Population

Image credits: maps_us_eu

#34 A Comparison Of Nato And Russia’s Military Strength

Image credits: arshadejaz

#35 I Recorded The Race Of All 433 Actors In The 2022 Super Bowl Commercials. Here’s How They Compare To The Actual Us Population

Image credits: TheBigBo-Peep

#36 Richest Billionaire In Each State

Image credits: Dremarious

#37 No-One Wants Me To Stay Safe Anymore: The Rise And Fall Of The Pandemic Email Signoff

Image credits: spicer2

#38 The Peaks And Troughs Of Long-Running TV Series

Image credits: gammafission00

#39 Tonga Eruption As Seen In Infrared Satellite Data

Image credits: Mathew_Barlow

#40 Us States Which Do Not Have Residents Arrested For January 6 Offences

Image credits: Negative12DollarBill

#41 [oc] Map Showing The Latest Situation In Ukraine Today With Territory Gained By Russia

Image credits: sdbernard

#42 The Slow Decline Of Key Changes In Popular Music

Image credits: cdr4321

#43 Actors/Actresses With The Most Oscar Wins

Image credits: giteam

#44 Number Of Police Killings In Developed Countries

Image credits: flyingcatwithhorns

#45 Single Line Drawn Through All Zip Codes In Numerical Order

Image credits: fuckverilog

#46 Where Most Aid To Ukraine Comes From

Image credits: albymana

#47 Japan’s Population Problem, Visualized [oc]

Image credits: chartr

#48 The U.S. House Of Representatives Voted Tuesday To Statutorily Codify Gay Marriage Into Law. The Vote Was 267 Yes, 157 No. Here’s How Every Member Voted

Image credits: RainbowCrown71

#49 For The First Time, Fewer Than Half Of Americans Say They “Know God Really Exists” And Have “No Doubts About It”

Image credits: cingraham

#50 [oc] Most Streamed Artists On Spotify (All Time)

Image credits: rayjaywolf

#51 All Bicycle Paths In The Netherlands

Image credits: Landgeist

#52 Average Post Score By Posting Hour

Image credits: godofpainTR

#53 Obesity In Europe

Image credits: JoeFalchetto

#54 Which Media Organizations Are Trusted More By Democrats And By Republicans

Image credits: YouGov_Official

#55 Number Of “Birthday” Posts On My Facebook Wall Per Year

Image credits: josigold

#56 One-In-Five Teens Are Almost Constantly On Youtube

Image credits: plotset

#57 How Americans View Flags In 2022

Image credits: YouGov_Official

#58 Twitter Sentiment On Will Smith Before And After Slap

Image credits: theiraz

#59 Convenience Store Chain With The Most Locations In Each State

Image credits: Dremarious

#60 Top Googled Games In Europe, December 2022

Image credits: desfirsit

#61 iPhone Is Only 14% Of Global Smartphone Volume Share (Left) And 42% Of Revenue Share (Mid), But It’s 80% Of Profit Share (Right)

Image credits: giteam

#62 Dating In The Internet Age: 1995 vs. 2017

Image credits: CognitiveFeedback

#63 Obesity Rate (%) By Country Over Time

Image credits: YakEvery4395

#64 Most Followed Accounts On Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Fb)

Image credits: rayjaywolf

#65 Whose Stuff Does The British Museum Have?

Image credits: tabthough

#66 The Most Valuable Companies In The World

Image credits: Dremarious

#67 Us Travel Advisory World Map 2022

Image credits: RealHuman568

#68 Fertility Rates Of The World

Image credits: JoeFalchetto

#69 2022 In Search Trends

Image credits: joweich

#70 Ukrainian Refugees Across Europe

Image credits: thatguyohyeah1

#71 Price Of Full Tank Of Gasoline (60 L) As A Percentage Of Average Monthly Net Salary Across The World

Image credits: kiwi2703

#72 Cost Of Hosting The World Cup

Image credits: giteam

#73 Top Human-Caused Threats To Birds In The Us

Image credits: USAFacts_Official

#74 I Asked 1000 People To Take Their Pic For Free On The Street

Image credits: gonzalocdlp

#75 Rotten Tomatoes Score Of Movies By Marvel Studios

Image credits: keshava7

#76 The Most And Least Popular Brands On R/Buyitforlife

Image credits: madredditscientist

#77 Top LEGO Piece Colors By Decade

Image credits: newsradio_fan

#78 My Job Search As A Mechanical Engineer With 1.5 Years Of Experience

Image credits: theboarderdude

#79 Most Popular Apps By Category, 2021 (Million Downloads)

Image credits: giteam

#80 I Asked Chat-Gpt: “What Qualities Should The Most Powerful Person In The World Have?” Then I Had Chat-Gpt Evaluate Political Figures Based On These Characteristics

Image credits: Creepy_Mistake8764

#81 Sometimes 1 > 10

Image credits: LeverageShares

#82 Most Viewed Music Videos On Youtube (Excluding Nursery Rhymes)

Image credits: rayjaywolf

#83 Video Game Consoles And Their Sales

Image credits: giteam

#84 The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is The Largest Movie Franchise In History

Image credits: giteam

#85 The Cost Of Christmas Varies Widely Across The World, From Less Than $100 To Over $2000

Image credits: giteam

#86 In Just 20 Years, Time Spent Cooking Rice In Japan Dropped 83%

Image credits: Equal-Crew-3367

#87 Boys vs. Girl Pixar Movies?

Image credits: Onhech

#88 50 Biggest Fast Food Chains By 2021 Number Of Stores In Us

Image credits: giteam

#89 Worst Celebrity Private Jet Co2 Emissions Offenders (2022)

Image credits: Spirited-Focus-7312

#90 Us States Sorted By Life Expectancy, Colored By Biden’s Share Of The 2020 Presidential Election

Image credits: DouweOsinga

#91 The iPhone 14 Index: How Much Of A Yearly Salary You Need To Spend To Afford An iPhone 14 Around The World

Image credits: adrianvincent91

#92 I Tracked The Spending On My Dog During Her 13-Year Life

Image credits: EJS1127

#93 Living Arrangements Trends Of 25-34 Years Old In The United States

Image credits: theimpossiblesalad

#94 The Easiest Words To Rhyme

Image credits: OfficialWireGrind

#95 Sex Ratio At Birth: USA, China, Japan, Germany, & India

Image credits: rosetechnology

#96 A Shaded Relief Map Of Contiguous USA Rendered From 3D Data And Satellite Imagery

Image credits: visualgeomatics

#97 Short-Term Atmospheric Response To Tonga Eruption

Image credits: Mathew_Barlow

#98 Costco’s 2022 Income Statement Visualized With A Sankey Diagram

Image credits: Square_Tea4916

#99 Fall And Rise Of The New York Times

Image credits: jtsg_

#100 Message Frequency By Daytime For Some Of My Chats

Image credits: joweich

#101 Layoffs In The Tech Industry Over The Last Month For Selected Companies

Image credits: Savoy_Cabbage

#102 First 60 Hours Of The Global Atmospheric Response To The Tonga Eruption In Jan 2022, Using Two Satellites

Image credits: Mathew_Barlow

#103 A Simple Chart About The Kinds Of Dms This Username Has Gotten Me Over The Past Three Weeks

Image credits: PM-Ur-Small-Tits

#104 Size Niches Of Life On Earth

Image credits: blairfix

#105 Bad Bunny Is The World’s Highest-Grossing Touring Artist This Year

Image credits: latinometrics

#106 Body Height Reported By U.S. Men

Image credits: academiaadvice

#107 Top 45 Richest Celebrities In Media/Arts

Image credits: giteam

#108 First-Line Cousin Marriage Legality Across The Us And The Eu. First-Line Cousins Are Defined As People Who Share The Same Grandparent. 2019-2021 Data

Image credits: maps_us_eu

#109 Percent Of People Who Responded That “Religion Is Very Important In Their Lives” Across The Us And The Eu. 2014-2018 Data

Image credits: maps_us_eu

#110 My Job Search As A Newly Qualified Paramedic In The UK

Image credits: VenflonBandit

#111 Revision Of My Last Country Distribution + Eu Aggregated Into One Slice

Image credits: chartbear

#112 Us Adults Consume More News On Facebook Than Any Other Social Media Platform

Image credits: eqqqxy

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