David Burdeny captures Italy’s breathtakingly decadent interiors

Italy is widely known for its rich and opulent architecture. But none has ever captured this grand architectural era in its full glory and color – until David Burdeny.

An interior design and architecture graduate of the University of Manitoba, David Burdeny has now turned his attention into appreciating the structure, colors, and materials through photography. Just like his former photographic venture focusing on Moscow’s subway station, this project was pursued to give an ode to Italy’s long forgotten but still decadent interior design. It is like walking into a history class on Italy’s early architecture. The collection shows the ceiling murals and paintings, the intricate craftsmanship of sculpture and molding, the huge foyers and hallways adorned with sophisticated and opulent furniture. Italy’s wealthy days has truly been captured in Burdeny’s photo series.

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Burdeny would like to think that “there is a mystery at the heart of all my photographs, an appeal for the viewer to keep looking and see more.” Indeed, in this venture, he has awakened a haunting for the luxurious Italian heritage.


Source: designfaves.com

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