Davy Crockett on How to Get Elected

Davy Crockett was more than king of the wild frontier. Between becoming a famous bear killer and fighting to save the Alamo, Crockett was a politician in Tennessee. While he didn’t win all his election campaigns, he sure participated in a lot of them, which left him quite experienced. He shared some tips on how to win those campaigns.  

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When the day of election approaches, visit your constituents far and wide. Treat liberally, and drink freely, in order to rise in their estimation, though you fall in your own. True, you may be called a drunken dog by some of the clean shirt and silk stocking gentry, but the real rough necks will style you a jovial fellow, – their votes are certain, and frequently count double. Do all you can to appear to advantage in the eyes of the women. That’s easily done – you have but to kiss and slabber their children, wipe their noses, and pat them on the head; this cannot fall to please their mothers, and you may rely on your business being done in that quarter.

Drinking and kissing babies, got it. There’s a lot more advice, though, which you can read at Shannon Selin’s blog. -via Strange Company

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