Death is Not What We See in the Movies

We go to the movies to escape real life. Films make us feel a wide range of emotions, from joy to fear to sentimentality to awe to a satisfying sense of justice. While death and destruction often give us a cathartic thrill on screen, moviegoers don’t want to see it the way it happens in real life. Movies give us spectacular, quick, and clean scenes of death, when the reality is much more difficult. For one thing, it is often very hard to murder someone, unless you just shoot them, and that’s, sadly, not visually dramatic enough for all films. The good news is that you are not likely to be present at the number of murders or disasters you see on film, or even medical deaths.

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But that’s how the general public gets a mistaken view on how death works. In real life, death is prolonged and rather gross, two things that filmmakers tend to avoid. Read about five mistaken ideas we’ve gotten used to by watching movie deaths at Cracked.     

Source: neatorama

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