"Deconstructable Design:" Hodei's Monomaterial Sneakers Can Be User-Disassembled for Recycling

Modern footwear is multimaterial, with outsoles, midsoles and uppers glued and/or stitched together. Even if the individual materials are recyclable, there’s no practical way to separate them at the product’s end of life. “As a result, 95% of shoes produced today will end up incinerated or in a landfill,” writes footwear startup Hodei, “even shoes made of clean or recycled material.”

The company’s solution is to design stitch-free, adhesive-free monomaterial sneakers made from recyclable EVA. Non-EVA components like the laces and eyelets can easily be disconnected by the user, with the idea that they can send the deconstructed sneaker back to the company for recycling.

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“We need a shift from having a product-centric to a material-centric approach, disconnecting the lifecycle of a product from the lifecycle of its constituents.”

Their shoe has been four years in the making, and now they’re trying to get it off the ground with Kickstarter:

The kicks run €120 (USD $146) a pair and are scheduled to ship in July of this year. At press time they had $27,990 in funding on a $36,361 goal, with 28 days left to pledge.

Source: core77

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