Dell Concept Pari Is a Small Wireless Magnetic Webcam With Huge Potential

Dell Concept Pari Is a Small Wireless Magnetic Webcam With Huge Potential

For better or worse, in all likelihood many of us will continue to work from home for some part of 2022. Dell Technologies Experience Innovation Group gave us a pre-CES preview of several hybrid-work concepts designed to ease some of the friction related to working remotely. The early sneak peak ahead of the upcoming 2022 CES revealed a trio of devices imagined to facilitate “better communication, collaboration, and location equality for all,” envisioning technologies that literally are designed to go with the flow.

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As showcased in the video above, Dell’s no-cables required Concept Flow desk pairs a Wi-Fi 6E dock with a wireless Qi charger to charge and wirelessly connect a laptop with a larger external monitor, while the Concept Stanza proposes a sidekick addition in the form of an 11-inch tablet that doubles as a monitor and uses voice transcription and handwriting technology to supplement a primary computer or laptop. But most interesting of the three is Concept Pari, a webcam with a magnetic personality.

Hand reaching for Concept Pari to show scale.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a video chat and noticed your stare seems misaligned with those you’re remotely conversing with, you’ll understand the rationale behind designing a removable and adjustable webcam that can be repositioned to bring the conversation back to eye level.

According to Dell’s Chief Technology Officer, Client Solutions Group Glen Robson, the wireless 1080p Concept Pari is the outcome of “fast iteration” derived from explorations that looked to flashlights, magnets, suction cups, and adhesive (not to mention, Dell’s own barrel-shaped UltraSharp 4K webcam, albeit at a much smaller length and diameter).

Concept Pari shares the minimalist tube-like appearance of its larger 4K predecessor, albeit at a truncated length. At just 30 grams, the magnetic webcam is free to roam nearly anywhere, including as a handheld video camera. Stick it directly onto the middle of a compatible display and it improves eye-to-eye alignment for more natural conversational communication. Attached magnetically onto a stand and pointed downward, Concept Pari operates as a novel method for sharing documents, design plans, or objects from a focused overhead perspective.

Concept Pari sitting on top of monitor.

Concept Pari removed from top of monitor.

Despite it’s small size, Concept Pari includes a power indicator, a vertical indicator light to help with perfect alignment, and plus integrated USB-C dock for wireless charging.

Dell also remembers most of us working from home hope to retain a modicum of privacy between Zoom sessions. For this purpose the Concept Pari is designed to charge facing away – toward the wall – if desired. It’s a smart touch offering a greater degree of confidence nobody is – or can – watch without permission.

Concept Pari on top of monitor with video chat group looking back from screen.

While Dell’s two other concepts showcased some promising seamless workflow solutions, it’s the Concept Pari with its immediately obvious benefits which we hope the Texas-based tech company brings to market sooner than later. Time will only tell whether Dell can deliver all or the majority of these adaptable features while retaining the concept’s compact form factor.

Source: design-milk

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