Depeche Node: An All-In-One Apple Lightning Charger

Depeche Node: An All-In-One Apple Lightning Charger

I Love Handles specializes in unique Apple-centric accessories and homewares, each sharing a common DNA for organizational acuity enhanced with a playful aesthetic. The boutique’s latest design, Node, exhibits a similarly ingenious take on tech: a plus+ sign multi-port connector engineered to connect and charge multiple Apple Lightning based devices and accessories all at once.

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It’s even possible to charge the Apple Magic Mouse with the Node, though in a slightly awkward configuration.

The design is an extremely simple 4-way interchange comprised of 2 male with 2 female Lightning ports, allowing easy concurrent charging for the Apple Pencil, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and the Apple Magic Mouse from a single source. Neat freaks like ourselves appreciate the extremely compact and portable design; in use the Node keeps charging devices neatly organized and aligned in one spot.

The Node becomes available this month for just under $20 over at I Love Handles.

Source: design-milk

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