Design Criticism: Analyzing Each NFL Team's Logo (Slideshow Form)

Sports website recently surveyed 1,488 fans to rank each NFL team’s logo. They then had a professional graphic designer critique each one. We view that as muscling in on our territory, so we’re responding here with our own design analysis of all 32 teams’ logos. Click on a logo and get ready to learn.

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Pittsburgh Steelers
This looks like you let your child paint the front of your Subaru
Oakland Raiders
Here’s a tough warrior who can easily see and dispatch anyone who approaches him (as long as they come from his left side)
Detroit Lions
This lion works as a mime who climbs invisible staircases
Houston Texans
“It should look like a bull who idolizes Paul Stanley”
L.A. Chargers
This looks like a superhero worm with the ability to generate current
Cleveland Browns
Oh come on, you’re not even trying. Isn’t this part of the stock art for a Microsoft program?
Cincinnati Bengals
This hurts my eyes. I see a B, then a JV, then a bunch of black knives that someone uses to stab a graphic designer to death
Chicago Bears
I don’t like the pretentious little pointy part on the back of the C. As if it’s trying to look somehow better and fancier than a B or a D. This lousy C thinks that it’s shit doesn’t stink
Kansas City Chiefs
Is there anything worse than when someone tries to draw random variation and it just comes out consistent? Nice job on the wavy lines of the flinthead. FAIL
San Francisco 49ers
This logo tells you three things about the designer: He likes the S on Superman’s chest, he owns an ellipse template, and he only has an Associate’s Degree

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